Source Documents

Behind the Brands. The 10 corporations that control most of our food.


The Fucked Up Mess in Iraq-Courtesy of US Gov’t

 CAFR-How insiders are pillaging us


World Health Organization – The Cocaine Project

DOJ Justification for Extra-Judicial Killing of American Citizens Without Charge or Trial

H.R. 390 to establish National Emergency centers on Military Installations

9/11 Commission Report (Revised 2008) What Really Happened and Why

The Police State Road Map (Free E-Book; 154 pgs)

China’s Political System – A Permanent Monopoly on Power

Presidential Powers Under National Emergency Conditions

Marijuana charges and possession of firearms dismissed (State v. Darrell Contee)

The Vulnerability of Elites – 2013

2013 Executive Budget Summary “Other” International Programs

Integration of Drones into Domestic Airspace

Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned

$18 Billion in Egregious Govt. Spending “Waste Book 2012”

Treasury Continues Approving Excessive Pay for Top Executives

The Federal Prison Population Buildup

Malawi: Recent Developments and U.S.Relations

Algeria – Current Issues

‘‘American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013’’

Oregon Sheriff Gil Gilbertsons Letter to VP Biden

Oregon HB 2077 would make nicotine a Schedule III controlled substance

‘‘Seed Availability and Competition Act of 2013’’

The Costs and Consequences of Drone Warfare

Senator Wyden Letter to Brennan Signed Final 1.14.12.pdf

Genocide Chart

Defining Homeland Security 08-JAN-13

Fiscal Cliff Bill

U.S. Periods of War (100 Years of None Stop War)


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